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5 Reasons You Should Attend Our FREE Virtual Demo Event!

Posted by Natalie Simmons on Apr 7, 2021 10:05:00 AM

For months, our clients asked us for a demo so they could see and experience what a ZogCulture virtual event was like. So, on April 14th, we're hosting a free one-hour virtual event to give you a sense of just how fun, engaging, and interactive our games and activities are.

You asked. We listened. And now you're invited!

In case you're still on the fence whether you should sign up for the event next Wednesday, we've got a few great reasons.

1. You'll get to experience it for yourself.

What exactly is a virtual event? What makes ZogCulture's virtual events different? Could I pull that off in-house? What the heck is "Who Kidnapped My Boss"?

Because virtual events are still a pretty new concept, we get questions about them all the time. And the truth is, we would rather show you than just tell you. And even better, we'd love if you got the chance to enjoy the experience for yourself, so you can feel confident about working with us.

2. It's free.

We are so confident that you're going to love what we have to offer that we're letting you experience it for zero dollars. 

This is as low risk as it gets, friends. We're not asking you to put down a deposit or credit card or anything! We just want you to join us for an event so we can show you that we have the best games, team, tech, and professionalism in the industry. 

3. You can invite people from your internal team.

Are there other stakeholders or decision-makers asking you questions about the virtual event you're planning? Or does your team maybe want to test out a few different games so you can feel confident about which one will work best for the broader company?

Well, bring the whole squad! We know that events teams often share the same mission AND the same budget, and we want to make it easy for your team to make complementary event planning decisions. 

4. We want to make you look good.

One of our goals is to ALWAYS make our direct clients—that's YOU—look good. We want this event to reflect well on you, so your boss and coworkers think you're a hero / genie / magician / supergenius.

We know how much pressure is on planners for events to go off without a hitch. And we know that if you haven't personally seen the specific game or activity you're planning, it might be hard to visualize or feel confident that it's going to be fun, go to go smoothly, or work.

This demo allows you to experience different games, so you can feel confident that you're making the right choice in booking with us. Making YOU look good is a win-win for everyone!

5. It's fun!

At ZogCulture, we take fun seriously. So, when you show up to our demo event, you can expect it to be the most fun hour of your whole week. We won't bore you with a stodgy presentation about our games... we divide you into teams and let you actually PLAY! 

All you have to do is sign up and show up. We'll take care of the rest. 

Want to join us on April 14th for our next virtual event demo? Register below!

Check it out!

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