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Embracing office rivalries: What we can learn from the World Series

Posted by Angel Torres on Oct 23, 2018 2:35:00 PM

Extra innings. Do-or-die Game 7s. Grand slams. Miraculous catches. Heroic strikeouts. Safe to say, all our World Series memories can be found in a mental folder named “Fond — Do Not Erase.”

Every year around this time, the crisp weather gives way to the fiery intensity of the last two teams battling for supremacy on the diamond. It’s bigger than that, though.

Sweet Caroline or Bitter Caroline? Depends what side you’re on.

In our own New York office, there’s a healthy little rivalry between the employees who grew up in New England — born and raised Red Sox fans — and the Yankees fans who grew up here in the Empire State.

This year, with the Red Sox defeating the Yankees in the ALDS, it’s made for some really fun banter. And now with the Red Sox actually in the World Series, the saga continues…

So we lean into it. Because, why not enjoy the fun, the genuine love for our teams, and the raw power of play?

We can’t help but get goosebumps when we think of how Chicago Cubs fans felt in 2016 after ending 71 years of disappointment. Or the Arizona Diamondback fans in 2001 when they unexpectedly broke the transcendent Yankees’ streak of championships. Or the Yankees fans when they were in the midst of said dynasty. Or Toronto Blue Jays fans in 1993 when Joe Carter’s home run leapt off his bat to win the game and championship.

And that’s just in the last 25 years.

There are a century’s worth of highlights.

The length of a baseball season is unrivaled. No other sport comes close to the 162 regular season games teams trudge through, which adds an extra layer of anticipation when the Series begins. After 8 months of playing hardball, it only takes a week to decide which team takes home the title. October baseball. There’s nothing quite like it.

It is during that time when people come together to witness something spectacular. It is when fans, casual and committed alike, tune into a game rooted in routine and watch it transform into a series of special and bizarre moments.

So let’s gather around and watch some classic baseball, reveling in the pinnacles and pitfalls to come, appreciating the communities and memories formed.

How are YOU feeling about the World Series? Excited? Terrified? Just plain ready? Let us know in the comments.

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