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Feeling Isolated During COVID-19 Quarantine? Try these 3 things.

Posted by Samantha Roblin on May 20, 2020 10:35:36 AM

It's been nine weeks since stay at home orders made their way across the country, but for many of us, it has felt much longer. Because we are working remotely, we no longer get as much social interaction from our peers and colleagues. And, at a certain point, the endless string of video meetings is more draining than energizing.

But we're here to show you that hope is not lost.

You do not have to feel isolated or alone during the COVID-19 quarantine. There are still plenty of ways to feel connected to your team, your company, and the work you're doing.

Want some help feeling more connected, energized, and engaged with your work colleagues?

Here are 3 things that can help prevent you (and your team) from feeling isolated during quarantine.

1. Lighthearted Affinity Groups 

Hey. Whatcha watching? Does your team have a lot of Schitt's Creek fans?



Or maybe you're all into a certain book, a new Netflix series, or this season of The Bachelor. Regardless of what interests are popular with your team, schedule an hour-long video chat with the team, just to connect and talk about the fun things you've read, watched, or enjoyed. This will help you feel connected and focused on the positive things in your life. 


Just because you can't be physically together doesn't mean you have to keep your smiles and opinions to yourself!


2. Virtual Social Activities





Everybody loves a little healthy competition, don't they? So, divide the group into teams, and plan a virtual game night! 

>> Want help planning virtual games & social activities? Check this out!

Whether playing a classic game like trivia or doing something more modern, games can really help you get your mind off the day-to-day stresses of work. They can also really help you feel connected and engaged with your coworkers, as you work together to pull off a win!

3. Take A Walk & Talk

You remember, a few weeks ago, when you'd need some fresh air, so you'd ask your favorite coworker to walk across the street to get a coffee? Well, you can't do exactly that, but you can do the next best thing.

Send a meeting request to your favorite coworker and tell them the plan. Then grab your mask, your phone, and your sneakers. Get out there and go for a walk "together."





Getting some fresh air will help you feel less confined. Taking a walk will also get the blood pumping, so you aren't just sitting and staring at a computer screen all day. And you know what? Maybe talking with your favorite coworker is just what you needed.


But look, there's no use sugar-coating it. This is a hard time.

There may be times when you, and others on your team, feel sad or disheartened or just generally crappy. It's okay to not feel okay sometimes. We're all dealing with this in our own way, and we don't have to pretend we're feeling wonderful every second of every day.

So, let's look out for one another, and look out for yourself. We'll get through this together, even if we're apart.

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