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How to Plan a Virtual Holiday Party for Your Company

Posted by Natalie Simmons on Oct 19, 2021 10:15:00 AM

Having fun at in-person company events felt easy, didn't it? A few drinks, some delicious food, and boom! You've got a party. That's why, for even the most experienced company event planners, virtual events have thrown a bit of a curve ball. But don't worry! This is not our first virtual holiday season... we've got all the pro tips you need to make sure yours is a smashing success.

1. Include fun activities that spark connection.

The primary complaint that employees have about virtual events is when they're awkward. Zoom fatigue is a real challenge, so you want to make sure that your virtual holiday party offers your team something new, fun, and novel. Make them WANT to participate!

Our number one, most important recommendation to all our clients is to make sure you have activities that make the team feel more personally connected to each other. Whether that's a few fun, holiday-themed team-building games or social activities that go beyond an awkward "virtual happy hour," you need to make sure that the team has a reason to chat, share, and maybe even compete together so they are able to connect as real people, beyond just work.

2. Develop your technology plan.

So, you're feeling good about your programming. Maybe you've booked some incredible virtual entertainment or you've got a great game planned. Now, how do you get everybody to show up, connect seamlessly, and have their cameras on? You better have a plan!

Even with so many months working remotely, not everyone is super tech savvy, so they may need some assistance to have a great experience. So, is your IT team on call? Does your programming partner have a tech lead? Who's running point on event day? If you're still feeling a bit hesitant and don't want to risk it, we recommend working with a virtual events partner who can handle your tech for you. Trust us, we've seen and worked through it all!

3. Have a host with great energy.

Okay, so everything is planned perfectly. Everyone's logged in. Now how do you make sure your event leaves your employees feeling that holiday spirit? You need an emcee who is really going to bring that energy!

Some companies know just the person to lead their event: someone fun, engaging, sincere, and just the right amount of "camp counselor" vibes. But sometimes it's hard to find that perfect balance. If you're working with a virtual events partner, make sure you communicate with them about what tone and energy you're looking for. Even if your planning has been on point, having the right host and emcee can be the difference between your company holiday party falling flat and being the event of the year. 

4. Start planning now!

Perhaps this is obvious (and if you made it this far in the blog post, you're likely already doing it). But it's already mid-October, and the holiday season will be here before you know it! So, start reaching out to vendors and virtual events partners to book the best dates, times, and activities.

There's nothing worse than having to do a last-minute scramble or having to compromise on what you want because you ran out of time. And if you've planned events in the past, you know how common it is for things to get held up in your company's finance or legal departments... so what are you waiting for? Get cracking now and be on your way to a stress-free, amazing virtual holiday party your whole company will love!

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