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It's Time to Start on Your Summer Employee Engagement Plans

Posted by Natalie Simmons on Apr 21, 2021 10:30:00 AM

Last year, many of us were caught off guard by the pandemic. We didn't know how long we'd be working from home. We didn't know how to keep our company culture strong while working remotely. We didn't know what we didn't know.

But now, we know better. And that means, we better get on the ball! So, this is your polite reminder to get started planning your summer virtual programming. Here's what to do.

1. Get started now!

It's already almost May, which means summer is nearly here. So, there's really no reason to wait around... your employee engagement programs aren't going to plan themselves!

Recommendation: Commit to taking one step in your summer event planning process this week. 

Whether it's reaching out to potential vendors or signing up for our free demo event so you can see what kind of summer programming we offer, you'll feel so accomplished once you've started that positive event planning momentum.

2. Know your audience.

Does your company have a new influx of interns, associates, or analysts joining this summer? Well, they'll need to be onboarded and set up for success. That doesn't just mean training them on the day-to-day tasks, it also means making your summer employees feel like they're part of the team

Maybe you want to find the right team-building activities to bring your full-time employees together. Or maybe you want to find a virtual alternative to your company's summer outing tradition. 

No matter the audience, you'll want to make sure you build the right event around your team's interests, your budget, and your company's needs.

3. Consider: one big event vs. ongoing programs?

Summer is also a great time to build or renew a team's energy and focus, through fun programming, like:

But is it better to do one big event, or an event series that provides a full calendar of events for your employees? Both are extremely effective, but they have different benefits. You'll want to consider what's best for your team so you can plan and schedule your employee engagement programming accordingly.

We've all learned so much about working remotely in the past year, and one thing is for sure: you can't keep a positive, productive company culture intact without providing your employees the same opportunities to connect, interact, and build personal relationships. So, if you want to have a great summer, we hope you'll get to started planning now!

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