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The company event planning calendar for PEOPLE WHO GET STUFF DONE

Posted by Kelaine Conochan on Aug 30, 2018 11:55:00 AM

You’ve got a million things going on. You’re on other committees. You’ve got sales in the pipeline. And that’s on top of your regular day-to-day work. Planning the picnic or holiday party isn’t exactly in your job description.

So, why is it that you always get asked to help plan and execute your company events? Oh, I know.

Because YOU get stuff done.

And for that, we salute you, office hero. But we’re not just going to sit back as you try to single-handedly save the soiree. We’re here to help. So we hereby present to you:

A Company Event Planning Calendar for People Who Get Stuff Done


It’s colder and darker than usual, so no surprise that morale might need a boost in the winter months. Plan something toasty and comforting like a game night, potluck party, or charity activity to bring your coworkers together. Everyone’s just coming back from the holidays, so this doesn’t need to be a big bash. Keep it simple, light, and playful. This is a great way to gain some momentum so they’ll know it’s going to be a great year.


It’s only February, but are you ready for March Madness? 

Surely your coworkers are going to want to fill out brackets, compete for prizes or bragging rights, and spend quality time together watching games together.

Don’t get caught off-guard on Selection Sunday. Plan something special to enhance the playful spirit of competition with a Wear Your Jersey to Work Day, Wastebasket HORSE, or even an off-site company basketball tournament.


Spring has sprung, which actually means it’s time to get that summer field day scheduled! Coordinate with the managers or practice group leads at your company to figure out the best time to do it, working around big project deadlines/releases and common vacations.


We’ve got great news. Once you’ve figured out a date, you can just reach out to your friend Bryan (hi Bryan!) here at ZogCulture.

He’ll get you set up with the right events, games, contests, plan, budget, and DJ for whatever your event size or goals.

And — even better news — you can take credit for the bright idea to work with us AND you don’t have to float around making sure the details are covered. That’s our job. This summer, you actually get to play. We throw one helluva field day. Might as well jump in and have some fun. Game on!


I know it sounds crazy, but if you want to make this year’s holiday party more fun, memorable, AND meaningful, do yourself a favor:

Save yourself a holiday headache. Start planning now!

Start planning in August.

Giving yourself this much lead time means you won’t be scrambling to find the right venue or activities. You won’t have to pull all-nighters and spend the whole event worrying about what you forgot. And you can send invitations out on time.

Trust us. It’s worth it!


Your company’s having a strong year. Business is booming. The team is growing. The culture is thriving. You’re absolutely slaying. Better keep that momentum going, amirite?

In September and October, many companies begin their budgetary planning for the next calendar year. So while in full-on planner mode, might as well think through what events you want to repeat, ramp up, revise, or remove entirely. Maybe even take out this trusty, dusty calendar and go through another pass to see how you can make your events even more meaningful and playful next year.


Lucky for the rest of the team, you’ve been on your game. So, the run up to the holiday party feels like a breeze. The fun and games are booked. The schedule is set. The menu sounds delicious. This month, all you have to do is send those invitations and buy yourself a fancy outfit. Sounds easy enough, right?


Well, this just makes it official. You are on FIRE. So, honestly, just relax.

You’ve had an amazing year and even set yourself up for success next year. You’re a star. You’re crushing it. You’re feeling great. No, it’s not just the fire that’s glowing, it’s you, as your coworkers shower you in compliments after a job well done.

Time to sip some eggnog. You’ve definitely earned it.

Got questions about when or how to plan playful and meaningful company culture events? Let us know in the comments, below, or send us an email at We'd love to help!

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