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3 FUN and FREE things any company can do to improve office culture

Posted by Kelaine Conochan on Oct 18, 2018 10:21:00 AM

Maybe you already went all-out for your company’s summer picnic. Maybe you spared no expense on planning the company holiday party. But we get it — the Fun Committee’s budget might be looking a little meager by this time of year.

And, the timing isn’t so great. Right now, company leadership is looking for ways to motivate the team to make one last push toward the end of the year’s goals. The last thing you or your team wants is to have nothing to look forward to after working so hard and giving it their all.

But here’s the good news. Bringing some team-bonding into the office is actually a lot easier and budget-friendly than it may seem. So we’re here to help.

Here are 3 simple and high impact ways you can bring FUN to your team without breaking the bank.

Company-wide day of service

It sure is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Thanks for noticing, Mr. Rogers.

As the week winds down, your coworkers will be itching to get out of the office for some fresh air. You probably want something purposeful and powerful. So why not join an existing, pre-organized community service event that will get everybody moving and feeling great about their impact on the community.

Here’s an example: since October is breast cancer awareness month, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is actually facilitating a bunch of events and walks in cities all over the country. So find your nearest one, sign your office up, and get moving! You can even add in a kick of friendly competition by offering a prize to the team who donates the most.

Here at Zog, we’re all about making a difference in the community by coming together.

Improve your break room

Get in the car already! It’s time to play.

Okay, so we’ve all seen board games at an office before. But how do you actually get people to participate? And why should they? The thing is, taking a fun mental break from long periods of focus isn’t a distraction, but a really good way to reset your thinking and maybe even come up with ideas that you hadn’t considered before.

So why not soup up your break room, cafeteria, or that odd-shaped conference room that no one wants to use and turn it into a dedicated Work-Free Fun Zone? Setting a dedicated place for fun not only encourages people to take a break when they need it and build real relationships with their colleagues, but it also encourages them to focus when it’s time to be serious.

So, whether it’s board games (this LinkedIn article mentions quite a few quirky and innovative board game ideas) or customized company word searches or a puzzle, you can encourage creativity, productivity, and connections without breaking the bank.

Living Thank You Notes

… and you, and you, and YOU.

You know what’s fun and costs ZERO dollars? Gratitude. So, let’s not overcomplicate things. Bring everyone together for a 15–30 minute all-hands meeting. After everyone arrives, declare that the goal of the meeting is to share 10 Living Thank You Notes, then demonstrate what that is or means.

Have someone from company leadership start by giving a personal, specific shout out to someone who has done something they’re grateful for — like Jon, who has really improved process around one of your key business goals. Then, pass the shout out hot potato to Jon, who can pay it forward until you reach #10.

The point is, having FUN and motivating your team is a multiplier. It boosts productivity, good vibes, connections among your coworkers, and morale. So, even when your budget is leveled out to ZERO, there’s still no excuse. You got this.

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