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How to Plan Your Company Event Like You're an Olympian

Posted by Natalie Simmons on Jun 16, 2021 10:00:00 AM

For the past month, the sports world has been abuzz with jaw-dropping performances of the world's top athletes, as they attempt to qualify for this summer's Olympic Games in Tokyo. From well-known names like Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, and Serena Williams to new, exciting athletes like Caeleb Dressel (swimming) and Noah Lyles (sprinter), the Olympics are going to be must-see content for the summer.

We're so inspired by these athletes that we thought we'd apply some of their lessons to planning your company event.

Here's how to plan your next company event like a real champ.

1. Define your goals.

At ZogCulture, we love to play. We think it's the single best way to have fun while developing stronger personal connections with your peers and colleagues. So, when we start planning event, we know that having fun is our most important goal. If our clients have fun, we know everything else—the team-building, the personal connections, the memories—will click into place. 

2. Establish a plan.

Athletes don't make it to the Olympics by "winging it." They set and follow a training plan that helps them achieve their goals and dreams. When you're putting on a company event, you need to bring that same level of discipline into your planning process.

Plot out any important dates or milestones—signing vendor contracts, sending invites, creating teams—and assign yourself due dates for any of the tasks that are necessary. (Looking for a simple "project management" platform to keep your tasks organized and prioritized? We love Trello.)

3. Don't overtrain.

It's so sad when an athlete gets to their most important competition, and then before the big moment has even happened, they have to scratch because of an injury. That's the risk of overtraining.

For events, "overtraining" means overcomplicating things. Doing too many breakout sessions or having too many variables. You can really drive yourself crazy if you're not careful. So, we recommend keeping things simple, remembering your goals, and trusting the experts—whether your "coach" or event planning partners!

4. Enjoy it!

Okay, so you made it to the big day. You've got everything ready to rock, and you've also got those nervous little butterflies in your stomach. It's go time!

With all the pressure for things to go right, you may forget that the whole point of the event is to have fun. And if your energy is tight and anxious, that will be contagious. So, take a deep breath, remember why you came her, and just go for it!

Looking for a fun summer event? Check out our Company Olympics offering, and we'll ensure your team gets a gold medal experience!

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