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Ideas to Improve Employee Recognition in Your Office

Posted by Samantha Roblin on Feb 13, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Think about a time when you really nailed it. That feeling when you reached a milestone. That moment when you hit your goal. It feels good, right? It feels even better when someone else notices. So, how do you amplify the positive feeling so your employees feel recognized?

Last week, we shared tips on how to use events to positively impact your company culture. This week, we’re going even further into depth on how to improve your ROI on employee recognition through powerful, memorable events designed to make it a core part of your company culture. 

The ROI on Employee Recognition

What makes employee recognition important? Let's take a look at the data.

  • 65% of employees said they haven’t received any form of recognition for good work in the last year. (Gallup) 
  • The main reason why employees leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated. (OC Tanner) 
  • 40% of employed Americans say they'd put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often. (OGO
  • Almost 90% percent of employees who received thanks or recognition from their boss report feeling high levels of trust in that individual. (Forbes) 

Put it all together, and it's easy to see and understand why Harvard Business Review described employee recognition as the simplest way to improve employee morale.

And maybe it sounds simple to Harvard, but we want to make it even easier for you. So we've prepared a bunch of ideas to help you improve employee recognition at your workplace.

Ideas for Employee Recognition

Here are some events, activities, and programming that we think would have a big impact on improving employee recognition as part of your company culture.

  • Dedicate time for managers or leaders to give public recognition via a speech at a company meeting or social gathering.
  • Offer swag to thank the whole company for reaching a significant goal or for demonstrating their commitment to the company mission.
  • Provide custom gifts to individuals who are celebrating key milestones, anniversaries, or life moments.
  • Set up a public gratitude board where people can express gratitude to others within the company.
  • Give employees time off during the work day to acknowledge their work, trust them, and appreciate their time.
  • Provide standout employees with a thank you note and a gift card, noted as the preferred means for receiving recognition 

Looking for Help?

For more ideas or help bringing employee recognition into your workplace and company culture, check us out! Company culture is our sweet spot, and we'd love to help.


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