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Start Your Summer Planning

Posted by Samantha Roblin on Jan 19, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Summer programs are an important tool for attracting top talent and now is the time to start planning!  

ZogCulture is the summer programming partner for dozens of firms and this is how we recommend our partners begin their planning.

1. Get started now!

Commit to taking one step in your summer event planning process this week.  

Whether it's reaching out to potential vendors or creating a calendar with your ideal mix of social and learning events, you'll feel more motivated once you've started gaining some event planning momentum. 

Tip: We recommend anchoring your summer programming with three large events: one event to start the summer, one mid-summer event to boost morale, and one final event to close out the season. We suggest planning a weekly teambuilding and/or wellness event every week. 

2. Be Intentional.

Will you be welcoming an influx of interns, associates, or analysts this summer? Setting up your new team members for success does not just mean training them for their daily tasks. It also means ensuring they feel like they are a valued part of your team. 

Whether it is an activity to introduce your summer employees to your full-time team, or an event to build stronger connections between your summer staff, we can help ensure YOU are setting yourselves up for success.  

Tip: 52 Connections is our most popular event for building connections between new (and longtime) coworkers. 

3. Consider: Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid?

There is no crystal ball telling us where the world will be once summer programs kick off. You need to start having discussions about what your programs will look like if they are fully virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of both.  

  • For an entirely in-person program, revisit your script from 2019. (Learn more about our in-person summer options.) 
  • For an entirely virtual program, ask yourself what you want to start, stop and continue doing based on your 2021 experience. (Check out our playful virtual team building games.)
  • For a hybrid program, stay open minded and be creative! Hybrid is new for us all. (Explore our hybrid scavenger hunt.)

We are now experts at remote work and one thing is for sure: you cannot maintain a positive, productive company culture intact without providing your employees with opportunities to connect, interact, and build relationships.  

Now, without further ado, let's start planning your summer programming!

Are you ready to partner with the experts in play at work? Contact us about your summer programming plans:

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