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Team sports are good for your mental health. Want proof?

Posted by Kelaine Conochan on Nov 27, 2018 12:04:00 PM

Depression and anxiety can be terrifying. But if you want to feel better, you don’t have to face them alone. In fact, research shows it’s better that you don’t.

Instead of traveling down the winding road of recovery by yourself, what if you had a team behind you? What if you had a group of people invested in your well-being, regularly engaging with you on a meaningful level, all while playing a fun game you enjoy?

Well, that would be just what the doctor ordered, according to a NPR article, which details the relationship between improved mental health and team-oriented activity. In the piece, psychiatrists explain the benefits of participating in team sports over simply exercising individually.

According to Adam Chekroud, author of the study and an adjunct professor at Yale’s School of Medicine:

“If you just run on a treadmill for example, it’s clear that you’re getting that biological stimulation. But perhaps there are other elements of depression that you’re not going to be tapping into.”

In addition to boosting your mood, improving your self-confidence, and other positives associated with regular exercise in general, team play adds a layer of accountability that keeps you coming back and eliminates feelings of isolation that would prevent you from continuing.

Having that sense of community is a buoy that will keep you afloat when depression or anxiety try to sink you. Here at Zog, providing community is what we do best.

We feel incredibly fortunate that we’re able to supply spaces where team play and community can thrive, bringing with them all the good energy and experiences that make life that much better. It’s what our CEO/founder, Robert Herzog, envisioned when he built the company in the aftermath of surviving 9/11, attempting to recreate the communities that helped him through his hardest times.

We’ll continue to do what we do best. We hope you will join us in making the experience even better. We’re out here waiting for you!

If you’re looking for how to get started playing on a team, visit and find a sports league that works best for you. You can join as a free agent (and we’ll put you on a team), with a small group of friends, or as a full team.

Can’t wait to see you out there!

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