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3 Arguments to convince management to do a Virtual Holiday Party

Posted by Natalie Simmons on Nov 4, 2020 12:00:00 PM

You and your coworkers really want to have a holiday party this year. Working remotely has been really challenging, so celebrating the wins, reflecting on your team's perseverance, and having some fun together would be hugely important. To you, it seems pretty obvious why.

But you're having trouble getting management to see why a virtual holiday party is necessary for employee morale.

We know getting buy-in might be a challenge for office heroes like you, who typically head up the official or unofficial event planning teams. So we're arming you with 3 undeniable points that will help your management team see why this isn't just about fun and games. This year, they shouldn't be asking why they should be budgeting for a holiday party... they should be asking whether they can afford not to! 

1) Having a company holiday party is better for morale (and less costly) than giving out bonuses.

It's tempting to think that giving out a surprise bonus will boost morale and make your team feel appreciated. However, both Harvard Business School and The Next Web caution that bonuses can actually have the opposite effect! Bonuses offer only a temporary spike in morale before often resulting in a crash, not unlike a sugar high.

On the other hand, having a well-organized company event like a holiday party ensures that employees actively participate in the celebration, creating a lasting emotional connection to your company. And because holiday parties are TEAM-oriented (as opposed to an individual bonus), they reinforce the importance of every single person at the company.

2) When employees feel isolated, they are less productive.

Since March, many of your employees have been working remotely and alone. They haven't had much opportunity to spend quality time together or have those small moments of levity between meetings and assignments. Being isolated leaves employees feeling demotivated and results in a loss of productivity, according to Forbes.

Bringing the team together for a fun event like a virtual holiday party is a cost-effective way to make your team feel refreshed and focused.

3) If you don't invest in your company culture, it won't last.

With so many of us working remotely, it's hard to feel united. That's why it's so important to be purposeful about your company culture and ensure that you don't lose those personal connections that made your company culture what it is. When you bring the whole team together for a virtual holiday party, it helps them remember the core values, mission, and purpose of your organization. And it gives them a reason to connect and enjoy their coworkers, which has a lasting impact on productivity AND how they feel about the company.

A virtual holiday party helps you show your employees how much you value camaraderie and personal relationships. It shows them that teamwork and collaboration are still king. And it shows them how important it is to care about the company culture and each other.

Looking for help planning your virtual holiday party or more pointers on how to convince your management team to approve the big plan? Get in touch with us today! 

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