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3 Ways to Make Your Company Holiday Party  More Than Just Drinking

Posted by Kelaine Conochan on Oct 3, 2019 1:15:00 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Because as we roll into October, it's time to start hardcore planning.

It's officially Holiday Party Season.


All across the company, your friends, colleagues—and even your boss—are getting excited and a little bit antsy about how the event will shake out this year. What venue will the team choose? Will it be well-attended? Will it be memorable?

Now, you look like the kind of rock star who wants to take your company holiday party to the next level. And if that's correct, well we've got some advice for you.

Let's start with one of the biggest challenges.

Too often, company holiday parties rely on drinking as the main event.

With no programming or scheduled activities to keep your event fun and engaging, employees may find themselves drinking too much, as a way to fill the time. That may result in questionable decisions, avoidable regrets, and a distinct lack of memories from the event.

And don't we want this event to be memorable?





So what should you do to make this year's holiday party the best you've ever planned?

So glad you asked. Because this is our specialty. We've got 3 incredibly simple but powerful ways to improve your company holiday party.

1) Add Games

Let's just be blunt here. This party should in no way, shape, or form resemble work. So when we add in some scheduled activities, they better be fun. That's why we like to add a few games to the event, to give people something to do.





Rather than standing idly, now your employees have a reason to interact, work together, and enjoy a little bit of good-spirited, healthy competition. We like to combine a mix of stand-alone activities like corn hole or Giant Jenga with some more team-based, full group activities that really steal the show.

2)  Focus on Connections

How rare is it that your employees get the chance to spend quality time together with no deadlines, emails, or conference rooms? Well, we better make it count!

For many, it can be really hard to find your place and meet people with similar interests at work. But with some small tweaks to your holiday party, you can be purposeful about fostering positive personal relationships in your company.





We like adding some—let me know if you're sensing a theme here—games that make it easier for teams to learn more about each other. We've invented a few that match the occasion, like Candy Cane Connect, Human Bingo, and our Connection Playing Cards. But even something like breaking attendees into groups and having them answer 3 questions will do more than you can imagine to spark the conversations.

The bottom line is this: sometimes you can't just rely on chance. If you want to have your people connect, it's better to give them a way to make it happen.

3) Do Some Good.

For many, the holidays are the best time to spread goodwill and cheer. So, why not lean into that spirit add something purposeful to your company holiday party?



Whether organizing a toy or food donation drive for your employees to contribute to, or creating an activity around charity crafts, it is really powerful and memorable to add a little zhooshing to make the season have meaning.

Good news: None of this has to be complicated.

You can do little things to enhance your holiday party and make it a more memorable and positive experience for your team. 

We're not saying you can't enjoy a toast, some libations, and some [holiday] spirits. But we are saying that your event will be more fun, meaningful, and festive if you've got something more to bring your team together.

Looking for more help or ways to improve your company holiday party? Check out our holiday party packages and let us know how we can work together to make yours a success!


Thoughts? Reactions? Other ideas? Comment below!

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