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A Broken Holiday Break

Posted by Samantha Roblin on Jan 5, 2022 12:20:17 PM

Returning to work feels different this year. In prior years, the holiday break was rejuvenating and refreshing, adventurous and relaxing. This year, it was filled with mask-wearing, booster-seeking, and dodging COVID-19.  

When I asked how my team spent their break...

Every person had a COVID story. One trip to Turks and Caicos turned into a nine-day hotel quarantine. A Christmas celebration was cancelled because their family members had a recent exposure. Someone’s sister had an asymptomatic case while another team member’s whole family got sick. The good news is that everyone affected in our immediate work circle is recovering and healthy. The bad news is that we just could not catch a break! 

So, what do we do? 

First, we channel Adam Grant’s wisdom: “The holidays shouldn’t be a time to recharge. They should be a time to celebrate. If work is exhausting people to the point that they’re using their time off to recover, you might have a burnout culture. A healthy organization doesn’t leave people drained in the first place.”  

Second, we look at ourselves in the mirror to consider what more we can do to help people feel recharged and supported. We encourage boundary setting, taking personal days, and evaluating meeting efficacy and fatigue.  

Third, we infuse playful connection moments into our workplaces.  

  • Begin meetings with a meditation or off-topic icebreaker  
  • Organize 1-on-1 conversations between coworkers so they have structured time to discuss non-work topics 
  • Carve out time for ZogCulture’s playful team building games:  

While we are entering 2022 with continued uncertainty, one thing is for certain: we must prioritize care, connection and play to maintain a healthy work environment. 

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