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Boosting Your Company's Morale Through Uncertain Times

Posted by Jia Bamerk on Dec 9, 2020 10:25:00 AM
Jia Bamerk

This year has brought a lot of bad news, from the continuous rise in COVID cases to the uncertainty of the job market and beyond. More than ever, it’s important for businesses to keep everyone’s spirits up to maintain a happy workforce. “When employees feel their best, they perform their best, encouraging their co-workers to follow suit,” according to Business News Daily.

If you’re looking to boost your employees’ morale today, here are some things you can consider.

1. Create a meaningful wellness program

To improve your employees’ moods and have them feeling mentally healthy and strong, companies can offer workplace health programs, despite the fact that the office in many cases has moved to our homes. After all, not only does it benefit the employees, but it sends the message that the company cares.

When crafting a wellness program for the COVID era, Employee Benefit News emphasizes that your first step should be to give your employees a choice. Every person copes with the circumstances differently. Therefore, make sure your wellness program is multifaceted. Offer a list of health resources to which your employees can refer, such as recipe suggestions, guided meditation courses, and online workout membership discounts. Host weekly get-togethers and class exercises. You can even hire a psychology professional that your employees can schedule a session with. The point here is that you should never impose one solution and call it a day. As much as you’re able, a wellness program should always contain options.

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2. Never stop investing in your employees' career

While many businesses are working remotely, that shouldn’t stop your company from investing in your team's professional development. And while you can’t gather them for onsite training or invite them to in-person events, there are plenty of online opportunities you can take advantage of to show them that you care about their future.

This is especially true now as business education and courses are increasingly shifting to the digital space due to the health crisis. For example, The Wharton School’s specialization in personal and professional success offers learners the tools they need to grow at their own pace. Students learn fundamental self-development skills like goal-setting and effective communication.

That top educational establishments are offering this is no surprise. There has been a recent drive, even before the pandemic, to make business education and experience much more widely available through online courses.

Want to continue with company's annual retreat or conference? Move it to virtual! With the right partner, you can share engaging content, create interaction among your team, and strengthen your team's relationships and company culture. And with many employees worrying about their future due to the pandemic, this will boost morale.

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3. Communicate!

You know what sets people at ease? Being in the know. With so much uncertainty, communicating with your team is essential to making them feel seen, valued, and understood.

It is crucial to clearly set goals and expectations. For example, if you need weekly reports, tell them that so they can prepare for them. Does the office still follow regular work hours? If not, are they expected to be online at certain times? The more they know about their tasks, the more confident they can navigate work during this new normal.

Try to communicate with them on a personal level, as well. As our own Samantha Roblin said, “Try to be present — virtually or in person — so your team knows you’re there to support them.” This may be difficult to do while teleworking, but that only emphasizes its importance. There’s a dire lack of personal interaction in today’s setup. By opening lines of communication for heartfelt conversation, you’re creating a connection. This lets employees feel more valued, boosting their mood.

It’s no secret that these uncertain times can put a damper on anyone’s motivation and morale. Fortunately, you can do plenty of things about it, from adopting health programs to offering professional growth opportunities.

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