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Celebrate Women's History Month

Posted by Samantha Roblin on Feb 23, 2022 10:27:20 AM

Celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8th) by bringing your company together to celebrate the achievements of women within your company and around the world.

Last year, we shared three ideas to help you celebrate Women’s History Month within your company. In addition to those three ideas (shared below), this year we want to highlight three games you can play to bring your team together and celebrate Women’s History Month: 

  1. Host a trivia game with a women’s history themed round. 
  2. Play musical bingo with a round focused on girl power artists
  3. Play 52 Connections with an emphasis on getting to know the women at your company. 

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Here are three quick, easy, and meaningful ways to celebrate Women's History Month within your company!

1. Recognize the women in your company!

Employee recognition is incredibly important to your team feeling seen and supported, especially while working from home. Use your company's all-hands meetings or smaller meeting sessions to spotlight the women in your organization, calling attention to their successes, contributions, and how they've changed the company for the better. 

TIP: Don't just focus on those who have are already in prominent positions. Studies show that women are often more bashful about sharing their successes compared to their counterparts. Make sure to find some of the unsung heroes, and start singing their praises!

2. Create a dedicated #womensmonth channel in Slack, or on whatever platform your team communicates.

Sometimes, all you have to do is create space and watch how your employees will turn that into a truly meaningful dialogue. By creating a dedicated channel or group on your communication platform, your team can share articles, ideas, memes, and more, to celebrate Women's History Month.  

Based on the success of this channel, you may even want to create an Employee Resource Group for women. 

Employee Resource Groups are a strong way to build community within an organization. Many employees who participate in these groups find that the support, visibility, and connection they offer have a powerful and positive impact on their professional lives. Whether it helps them find a mentor or mentee, or simply allows them to share their experiences, these groups help people forge genuine personal connections.

3. Invite employees to share about an inspirational woman in their career.

Everyone, no matter their gender, has been impacted by the strong women in their lives or in their workplace. We've all been lifted, challenged, and inspired by their words and actions. Now is the perfect time to have employees reflect on who has helped them grow, and share that with the broader team. 

Invite your employees to a one-hour moderated discussion group where they are asked to share a brief anecdote about an inspiring woman, and how she has been important to their professional growth. Then, the group can discuss similarities in their own experiences. 

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