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Returning To Work In-Person

Posted by Samantha Roblin on Jun 8, 2022 11:18:41 AM

After two years that were anything but normal, your office has reopened and is welcoming employees back in. There isn’t an official return to work policy in place, though a few teams have selected certain days when team members can work together in-person. The hand sanitizer dispensers are filled, the Keurig is stocked and fired back up, and you’ve even tried to woo people in with free lunch.

Despite your best efforts (and free food!), no one is coming in.

Does this sound all too familiar? Well, you’re not alone.

We’re here to help you create an events plan that motivates people to get back together in-person. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider:

1. Host a large, in-person gathering like a Field Day.

While this doesn’t necessarily get people into your office, your folks will come together for old-fashioned play while creating memories. They’ll reach a new level of comfort with their colleagues, which may motivate them to opt-into more in-person office time. This is especially good for larger teams who made a lot of new hires over the pandemic. There’s no better time to finally meet new colleagues face-to-face – who knew John from IT was 6’ 4’’?!

2. Host an Office Hunt.

This accomplishes your goal of getting people back into the office, and can also help people become acquainted with – and excited about – the office enhancements you’ve made. New roof deck? We’ll bring folks there. This is a great fit for teams with new spaces.

3. Host themed events like an event for Pride in June.

Hosting timely events can capture people who are especially drawn to a particular theme. Even better – ask an employee resource group to sponsor one of the events so that committee members can encourage each other to attend.

4. Sign up for a sports team.

Sign up a team to play a sport of your choice through ZogSports. We recommend selecting a league that is close to your office so that folks can walk over together after a great day of work. This will encourage them to also come into the office on game days!

5. Host an offsite, onsite.

If you’re finding that folks are not interested in coming back to the office for their day-to-day work, they may be more motivated to come back if it’s for a special occasion like a 2-day onsite with external speakers, showcases, and networking.

6. Be patient and listen to your people.

If you’ve tried all of the above and still aren’t seeing strong return to office numbers, then ask your people what they want. Is it possible that while the company wants them to be in the office, they’re happier and more productive when working from home? If this is the case, be understanding, caring, and mindful. People have different interests and needs in this new world of work.

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