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Should Your Next Event Be In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid?

Posted by Natalie Simmons on Nov 3, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Are you wrestling with the decision of how to approach your next company event: in-person, virtual, or hybrid? Trust us, you are not alone. On just about every call and meeting we have with our clients, they are struggling with that same challenge. Here's our best approach for how to answer these tough questions and ensure your event is amazing, no matter what you choose!

Below are three common scenarios and the conversations we've been having with our clients as they begin planning their winter events. 

Scenario 1: Your company is planning to be back in the office (part- or full-time) but many employees are still working remotely — OR — you're all still working remotely.

Hmm, that's a tough one. You feel caught in the middle because you know how great it would be to have things feel "normal" again by re-igniting some beloved company traditions or starting new ones, having your team together to interact in-person. But with people working remotely, it might feel exclusionary. 

Consider this: Is it logistically and financially feasible to do bring your remote team together for this very special in-person event? If you can book hotel rooms, organize COVID testing (we recommend PCR testing in advance AND rapid testing on-site), and find a suitable venue, you can absolutely have it both ways! Sure, it takes travel planning and important COVID safeguards, but if you're bullish about getting together in-person and your team is excited about the idea, this could be your best option. We recommend exploring it with your HR lead and company management.

Scenario 2: Some of your team has moved/is located far away from company HQ, and it's too challenging to bring them all together physically. Your local team doesn't want to miss the fun, but you don't want your remote employees to feel left out.

We get it. Lots of moving parts. Travel is challenging and can get expensive. So maybe this time, you should try a hybrid event.

Maybe you've never tried a hybrid event. Maybe you don't even know what it is. Here's the scoop: you CAN have an event that spans both in-person and virtual elements, that is fun and inclusive for people gathered together AND working remotely.

But you can't just wing it... what makes a hybrid event work is that it was specifically designed to accommodate both in-person and virtual participants together, simultaneously. It feels seamless, thoughtful, and borderless. The people working from home won't feel left out, and the people in-person won't feel like they're compromising on the fun. It's a win-win!

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Scenario 3: Company leadership is pretty risk averse, and you just don't know what is going to happen with COVID in the coming weeks and months.

Look, that uncertainty is real. A lot of people and companies are still reeling from the starts and stops of COVID, and are looking to have an amazing virtual event, full stop.

And trust us, doing virtual events does not mean you have to do something boring, un-fun, or halfheartedly. We think virtual events are a great choice. (In fact, we're doing a virtual event for our own team!)

But you still need to do something special and unique that will engage your team, make them feel connected, and make them feel fully immersed in the experience.



We hope these scenarios provided some helpful ideas and guidance for how organizations like yours are approaching company events in 2021. Got more questions? Sound off in the comments!

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