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Hey team! The Company Halloween Party is NOT Cancelled.

Posted by Samantha Roblin on Sep 30, 2020 11:15:00 AM

If you can believe it, tomorrow will be full-blown October. For many employees working from home, grinding day after day without seeing their coworkers, it feels like time is simultaneously flying and standing still. 

That feeling of monotony and disconnection can really take its toll on a team. So, you've got to do something. Something fun. Something different. Something together, even while we're physically apart. But how?

Why Your Company Should Do a Virtual Halloween Party This Year

For seven months, your team has been working hard without those casual conversations around the office to lighten the mood. Seven months of trying to stay focused, engaged, and motivated. Yikes. Seven months is a long time.

It's easy to see: it's been hard! So, it shouldn't be hard to organize a fun activity to improve morale, build your company culture, and remind us to connect as people. 

Good news, everyone. We're here to make it easy on you.

Here are 3 amazing ideas for your company Halloween party.


1) Virtual Murder Mystery Party

One of our most popular offerings anytime of year takes on a new, spooky feeling when you pair it with Halloween. Murder mystery parties are a fantastic way to get your team to let loose. They'll LOVE dressing the part, socializing with "enemies" and "allies," and trying to solve the crime and find the (dunt-dunt-DUNNNN!) "murderer" among them. 


2) Halloween Trivia

What's a good way to get your employees together for a little good-natured Halloween competition? Did somebody say trivia? Yup. Let's go with trivia.

Halloween trivia is always a great choice. We sort your whole crew into teams. Let them pick a fun name. And let the games begin. We handle everything:

  • Creating great Halloween and fall-themed categories
  • Bringing great energy with our music and emcee
  • Making sure the technology is smooth

Even if your team doesn't know the answers, you just can't lose with virtual trivia.


3) "Who Kidnapped My Boss" Team-Building Mystery Game

We help break the work-grind monotony by breaking your employees into smaller teams to work together, take silly team photos, and race to solve "whodunnit" in this clue-based trivia race. Using characters from a popular TV show (trust us, you've seen it), Who Kidnapped My Boss is a great game for bringing the team together for a low stakes, high energy afternoon of fun!


Want help pulling off the digital Halloween party you never thought possible?

We're here to plan and execute an incredible, memorable event that will help your team feel connected, engaged, and like part of the magic. Let's get started!

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