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What to Look for in Your Next Job

Posted by Rob Herzog on Nov 14, 2017 10:29:00 AM

In my previous life I had six jobs over fourteen years during which I spent a lot of time managing my career and thinking about what I should do (and learn) next.

Today, I run a company with 40+ full-time employees, most of whom are millennials, and spend a good portion of my time attracting and hiring top talent that fits into our culture and meets our unique needs. My goal was always to create a culture where I wanted to come to work every day and I’m extremely proud that our company is a perennial recipient of Crain’s Best Places To Work in NYC recognition.

After 25 years of managing my own career and hiring hundreds of people, I’d like to offer a few considerations as you think about your next job.

1) What can you learn?

Take out a piece of paper (I know, I’m old, but do it anyway). On the left write the pros of your current role and on the right, the cons. At the bottom, add the pros and cons of your new opportunity. How do they compare?

What are you not learning at your current job? What do you want to learn in the next 1–3 years? How will this new job help you progress your career?

At ZogLife, we teach our team the basics for running a business. We give ownership of a portfolio and train on operating profit and managing a team. That training includes interviewing, hiring, giving objective feedback, creating accountability and even firing people. If you were to work for ZogLife, you would find yourself within a system where you’ll learn our rules, intent and vision, so that you can make better decisions along the way. During your time at Zog, we want you to learn and then take those transferable skills with you for the rest of your career.

2) No employer is so unique.

When you’re interviewing for your next job, ask your interviewer, “How will working here help me get to the next step of my career?”
 Even though ZogLife is different from most employers (how many people run recreational sports leagues and organize corporate culture events?), ultimately we’re not that different. Work is a place where people come to make a fair wage, have a sense of purpose and grow.

We set ourselves apart because we know we have a responsibility to help our team get to the next place in their careers and lives. We do that by treating our team with respect and helping them manage their professional and personal growth along the way. (Check out Jody Zellman’s recent article, “Work. We’re All Doing It.”)

3) Do you believe in the company?

Ask your next potential employer, “WHY do you do what you do?” If they can’t answer, think twice about whether you want to join them. 
 Think about how much more connected you would be to your job if you shared your company’s vision. At ZogLife we believe life is better with real personal connections, caring communities and a sense of play. This belief guides everything we do and helps our team make decisions and prioritize projects. Imagine if all employers gave you this kind of guidance and allowed you to make your own decisions, take your own risks and make your own mistakes (with impunity).

We’re doing it at ZogLife and I promise you that it makes a big difference in your job satisfaction. Good luck with your job search!


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About the Author

Robert Herzog, Founder and CEO, ZogCulture and ZogSports

I believe life is better with real personal connections, caring communities and a sense of play. I founded ZogSports after my close call on 9/11. In 2012, we launched ZogCulture to help create playful experiences at work so that employees can connect, be part of a community, and infuse play into the DNA of their company’s culture. We are directly impacting over 150,000 people per year across the country and have donated over $3.4M to charity. In 2017, Zog made the Crain’s Best Places to Work list (again!) and earned the prestigious B Corporation “Best For the World — Community” award.

If you’re interested in this sort of stuff, I have an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from Wharton and a BA in Economics (which I rarely use) from Brown. I live and play in NYC with my awesome wife of 15+ years and two super active, sporty boys.

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