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When employees team up for a cause, everybody wins

Posted by Angel Torres on Sep 21, 2018 9:52:00 AM

On every news broadcast this week, we’ve seen and heard of the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence. It’s heartbreaking. But we are not powerless. As in past years, many companies have stepped up to the plate and demonstrated that being part of a community about more than just the bottom line.

Corporate response to flooding after Hurricane Florence is just one of the massive relief efforts in the last several years. Whether it’s donating time, money, or other resources, there are plenty of ways companies can be involved in disaster relief.

You don’t need a reason to contribute, other than that you care. But what’s amazing is that there are huge cultural benefits to these efforts. Because doing good does good. It’s a benevolent circle.

So here are a few ways that getting involved contributes to a healthy company culture.

1. Improve Retention and Engagement

It’s easy to feel vested in a company that shares your values.

Millennials are one of the most socially engaged generations to enter the workforce. Research shows that they consistently value working for companies that display good corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In fact, this is such an important factor that millennials are more likely to choose to work for a company with these values even if it means a smaller salary. By providing support for disaster relief, companies show they are socially engaged and willing to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Employees take pride in these efforts and will remember them when making career decisions.

2. Show Support & Care to Your Employees

Show some love. You may not know how far reaching the impact will be.

Disasters impact office morale whether or not employees are immediately affected. Perhaps someone in your accounting department has parents whose house flooded. Or your marketing coordinator has friends who were displaced by fires in California. Maybe employees are watching news coverage and thinking, what will happen if disaster strikes closer to home?

Contributing to relief efforts is a way of showing support and caring for employees. These actions show employees that the company is on their team both in and out of the office.

3. Build a Stronger Team and Community

Doing good will bring your team closer together.

When playing any sport, everyone has a position. Each position works together towards a common goal. Offering employees different ways to be involved in disaster relief has a similar effect. Options give everyone an opportunity to play on the field and be a part of the big win.

Donating money or goods, providing pro bono work, or donating time on-site in affected regions are all ways that different people at a company can be involved, together. This means a shared sense of accomplishment. It also means making connections with employees in different departments or buildings. This sense of community is the basis of every healthy company culture.

Charitable giving is central to the company culture here at Zog, which is why this topic is so close to our hearts. For example, rather than give out trophies to our league champions or runners up, ZogSports makes a donation to that team’s charity of choice. We believe that supporting a cause makes every game bigger than the team itself. It also makes Zog, well, Zog.

Feeling generous? Donate to the United Way’s Hurricane Florence disaster relief fund.

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