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3 Ways to Bring Spring Cleaning Mentality into Your Work Life

Posted by Natalie Simmons on Mar 31, 2021 10:30:00 AM

The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and the daylight keeps stretching longer and longer. It feels like everything is getting better now that spring is finally here!

If you're like us, spring also makes us think about the soul-cleansing experience of "spring cleaning." But we're not talking about dusting the bookshelves or putting away your winter wardrobe. We're here to give you some amazing ways to bring that same rejuvenating cleanliness to your work life.

Here are 3 Ideas for Bringing Spring Cleaning into Your Work Life. 

1. Clean up your workspace.

It's been more than a year of working from home. So, it's now time to take stock of what has been working and not working so well for you in your workspace.

Is that succulent plant dead? Toss it! Do you actually hate your desk chair? Get a new one! Is your desk so messy that you can't focus? Take 10 minutes to remove the unnecessary clutter, dust off the cobwebs, and wipe it all clean.

Time to get rid of the things that are adding unnecessary stress to your life every time you sit down to work. Time to start fresh.

2. Clear your mind.

Some people are spending substantially more time alone these days while others are spending substantially more time crowded inside with their family or roommates. Either way is NOT easy. And with the pandemic preventing us from going to happy hour with colleagues or enjoying a nice dinner or party with friends, we've been unable to enjoy many of our typical outlets for stress.

But spring is a GREAT time to think about cleaning out the clutter from your mind, too! We recommend activities like yoga and meditation, which are proven to release serotonin, the key hormone that stabilizes moods, feelings of well-being, and happiness. We can even help you plan virtual yoga or meditations sessions, or afternoon of mental wellness activities designed to boost your teams' moods.

3. Eat clean(er).

Look, we're not saying you need to ditch all your comfort foods and eat just sea kelp or anything extreme like that. But research shows that there is an important connection between mood and food. So, rather than continue with bad habits that make you feel lethargic and unhealthy, maybe it's time to improve your eating habits, juuuuuust a little bit. 

Try introducing one new healthy food into your lunch each week. Or decide to cut red meat or desserts from your diet for the month of April. Or maybe just reduce your portion sizes for a week and see how it goes. Do what works for you!

Need a little help learning more about nutrition? We offer a virtual nutrition class about the mood-food connection, which will help your team on their path to cleaner eating.

There are lots of ways that spring cleaning can make our lives better and happier. Why not get started now?

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