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GAME ON! 4 Reasons why your next company event needs fun & games

Posted by Natalie Simmons on Dec 7, 2021 3:15:00 PM

Company events can go in a lot of directions. They can be meaningful and heartfelt. Fancy and glamorous. Charitable and benevolent. Enriching and learning-focused. But guess what. Every single one of those events — in tone, style, and substance — can and should include games. Here's why.

Look, we're all for having fun. It's our whole thing. But we don't just do it for the giggles... we also bring the fun and games because they get the results that our clients are looking for: facilitating interactions, building camaraderie, and creating memorable and lasting impressions that build a stronger company culture. 

Here are 4 more reasons company events are better with games.

1. Games make everything more fun.

We know that not every company gathering is just for fun. But all work and no play will make your team overwhelmed and drained. And that's not the goal, is it?

Taking a break to play trivia in the middle of your company's strategic retreat can help liven the mood, refresh people's creativity, and restore focus. Looking to raise the stakes and heighten the healthy competition? Don't sleep on playing games.

2. Games make it easy — and not awkward — to connect.

Have you every been at an event and it's like pulling teeth to get people to break the ice and interact? Standing around in the corner or sitting quietly just waiting for something to happen. Yikes. It's painful. And sometimes the outcome is that people talk ONLY to the people they already know and have a relationship with. And that's besides the point!

Games really mix it up, and quickly! What's better to form instant connections than putting people on teams together and enjoying some silly, fun Olympic Winter Games

3. Games promote teamwork.

Whether you work in-person or virtually, it's important to build a strong team dynamic with the people you work with regularly. You want to build trust and real connections with your coworkers that don't just emerge when you're working. 

Working together to solve a silly mystery — like the game Who Kidnapped My Boss? — is a surefire way to get the team working together, supporting each other, and building those connections that will endure beyond the competition and into their working dynamic.

4. Games help everyone participate.

You know when you literally can't get the job done without someone? When you work toward solving a team challenge — on a work project, playing a team scavenger hunt for example — everyone's ideas and input are extremely important.

The hierarchy and dividing lines break down a little bit and lead to a more fluid, supportive, idea-sharing environment that helps everyone feel empowered. That dynamic — where your coworkers are quite literally cheering for your good ideas and contributions — is transformational for individual employees and the team as a whole. 

So don't just cue up the same old company events over and over. And don't just stand around in the corner waiting for something to mix it up. Schedule some games and watch the magic happen!

Looking to bring the fun and games to your next company event? We'd love to help!

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