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How Are You Celebrating National Relaxation Day?

Posted by Jill Nawoyski on Aug 10, 2022 4:34:12 PM

When was the last time you kicked back and relaxed?

We all know what happens during our typical 9-5. We answer emails, tackle long to-do lists, attend meetings, and try our best to help our company reach its goals. When it’s time to log off for the day, what do you do for yourself from 5-9?

In honor of National Relaxation Day on August 15th, we’re sharing some ways to feel calm, cool, and collected during your time off the clock.

Take a cooking class with your colleagues.

Tired of cooking the same old meals? Let us plan a cooking or mixology class for your team! Whether making gourmet cupcakes, truffle mac and cheese, or Cubano cuisine, your co-workers will have a blast learning from professional chefs. We can even pair your class with some champagne. 😉

Try Yoga or Meditation.
What better way to ease your mind and let the everyday stress leave your body than through a yoga class or a guided meditation practice? Aside from improving flexibility and getting your blood flowing, you'll be improving your mental health, as well. 

Take a walk and listen to a podcast.
If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, take some time to stretch your legs and walk outdoors. Pairing a walk with an impactful podcast is our favorite way to multitask! Looking for recommendations? We love The Ed Mylett Show or On Purpose with Jay Shetty.

Dedicate some time to being unplugged.
Turn off your Slack notifications, charge your phone in the other room, and cook yourself a nice meal. Take a break from scrolling through your social media feeds and take some time to be present, either alone or with friends and family.

Start a new book.
When was the last time you read? And no, we aren't talking about your endless email chains. Grab a book and get lost in a new adventure. For extra relaxation, light a candle, make a cup of tea, and grab your favorite snack.

Attend a learning workshop.
Setting up a virtual learning and development workshop for your team will show them you value their mental health and wellbeing. Some of our favorites are How to Avoid Burnout with Dr. Vora or Feed Your Mental Health with Dr. Ramsey. We have so many options available!

Taking time to relax and recharge – both on an individual level and on a team level – shouldn’t happen only once a year. We’re here to help you plan a few hours of rest and relaxation for your team. Email for event ideas and pricing!

Now, breathe in and out. It’s time to relax!

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