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Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the Workplace

Posted by Jill Nawoyski on Sep 15, 2022 11:57:31 AM

Hispanic Heritage Month is a month-long celebration beginning September 15 and an opportunity to celebrate the diverse culture, rich history, and contributions made by Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. 

Looking for ways to celebrate? We're here to help! Take some time as a company to connect and learn through one of these event ideas.

Take a Bachata Dance Class.
Combining both Dominican and Caribbean musical influences, this session will teach your group how to dance the traditional Bachata. The Bachata is a playful style of Dominican dance and is recognizable for the electric guitar and intricate footwork. Come with your dancing shoes ready and leave with some brand new skills!

Learn how to Salsa Dance.
Host an easy-to-follow Salsa dance class! Every class feels like a party while learning how to dance the classic Salsa. Your employees will get a great workout, enjoy vibrant music, and make memories.

Play Mixtape Bingo.
Get your co-workers excited for Mixtape Bingo, a new twist on the classic game! Your hosts have replaced calling out random numbers with a curated, themed audio playlist. Try to get five in a row before anyone else as you listen to awesome mixes from Latinx artists. Prior to the game, each player will receive their individual song boards with instructions on how to play. Your goal is to get five in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) before the rest of the virtual room.

Learn how to cook Tembleque: a popular Puerto Rican dessert.
In this hands-on cooking demo led by a renowned chef, you will learn how to prepare a delicious Puerto Rican dessert, Tembleque. Filled with coconut and cinnamon sugar, this dish will not disappoint!

Try some tasty treats!
Popsicles are timeless sweet treats that are fun to enjoy with your team. Elevate your popsicle game with this gourmet snack made with whole fruit, simple ingredients, and uniquely delicious flavor combinations in mind. Oaxacan, mango chili, and horchata flavors are a must-have addition to your team's celebration.

Interested in booking one of these events? Leave the planning to us. Hit the button to get started.

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