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Looking For July Events?

Posted by Jill Nawoyski on Jun 22, 2022 4:52:50 PM

Interested in bringing some summer fun to your office? Beat the heat and gather your colleagues for one of our July featured events. All you need to do is contact us and say you're interested - we'll do the rest!

  1. USA Trivia
    Who doesn't love flexing their knowledge with a good game of trivia? Unlock your mind's potential with rounds like Name that President & USA Today! This event can be virtual, or on-site for select cities.

  2. USA Hits Bingo
    Join us for USA Hits Bingo and rediscover some of your favorite tunes from over the years! Will you be the first to get 5 chips in a row? This event can be virtual, or on-site for select cities.

  3. Popsicle Making or Pop-Up Stand

    Ready for a hit that is sure to bring a refreshing delight to your office?! Indulge your taste buds with this nostalgic summer favorite! We’ll set up shop (aka a popsicle cart and server!) at your office for an afternoon surprise or happy hour – whatever you need! Flavors will be plentiful and include varieties such as mango chile, Oaxacan chocolate, and horchata! And if you really want the summer fun, let us take you on a journey of how to make them!

  4. Ping-Pong Tournament
    Challenge your team to a Ping Pong tournament you won't forget. We'll bring in the tables and the professionals, so all you'll have to do is come ready to battle it out! Winners will not only get bragging rights, but trophies, as well!

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