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We're going to the Bahamas! (and here's why that's good for company culture)

Posted by Kelaine Conochan on Jan 24, 2019 1:03:24 PM

Right now, there’s a buzz of excitement around the entire company—every office, every city, every single person is pumped. And I’m not just saying that. It’s REAL. You can feel the energy in every meeting, message, and email.

In our New York office, we’ve even got the official countdown, which gets texted and shared to our other offices across the country every single day. Ain’t that right, Matt Kemp(Not to be confused with Matt Kemp of the Cincinnati Reds. We have our own Matt Kemp and he’s superior in every way, don’t @ us. -Ed.)


Because in just a few days, we’re headed to the Bahamas. The whole company. Pack your towel, SPF-infinity sunscreen, and flip flops.


We’re going on our annual incentive trip.

Every year, our management team sets some ambitious goals with regard to sales growth, tied to an incredible, all-expenses paid incentive trip. Somewhere warm and sunny, just when we need it most. And since we all worked hard, stayed focused, and hit our annual goals, now it’s time to celebrate our accomplishment as a team.

We didn’t just get a trip to the Bahamas. We had to earn it together.

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Now, this may sound like a crazy idea. You may think it’s too expensive. You may think it’s too difficult to close the office for 3 days. You may think it’s too risky to bring everyone together — what if something happens?

Look at you. Already shooting down your great idea. You want to say yes, but you’ve been conditioned to say NO, haven’t you? But what if you said YES, and then figured out how to make it work? What if, instead of your worst case scenario, something amazing happens?

I can tell you, it certainly has for us. Of all the great things about working for ZogSports or ZogCulture, this trip tops them all. In every staff meeting and review of our numbers, it’s the thing that keeps us focused and striving. It’s the prize we all keep our eyes on.



It’s a huge motivator for everyone to keep pushing—not just for yourself, but for the whole team. Toward the end of the year, every office and employee channels their energy to collaborate and come up with ideas that help us cross the finish line because we know if we just try one more tactic or find one new lead, it could help everyone get to the promised land.

And when we get there, it’s truly magical.

Because there’s nothing quite like getting together after a big team win. Seeing the coworkers you know from video conferences and emails IRL lets you see them as more than just their job responsibilities—but as people. People with whom you actually want to spend time. And you can’t fake those real, personal connections. That’s the type of positive company culture worth working for.

I’ve already set my out of office message, picked out my beach-read books, and packed my sunglasses. Now, it’s time to close my laptop and just be in the moment with some of my absolute favorite people.

If you could travel anywhere with your company, where would you go? Let us know with a comment below!

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