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3 Things to look for when booking a venue for your Holiday Party

Posted by Samantha Roblin on Sep 17, 2019 11:16:15 AM

A venue sets the stage for what kind of party you’re going to have and the variables when choosing one can make anyone’s head spin. Before you decide on the place, it’s helpful to know roughly how many people will be attending, what activities will be planned, and, of course, what budget you have to work with. Even with this information, though, wading through the options and finding a venue that checks every box on your criteria can be quite the challenge.

Here are three suggestions to consider when booking the ultimate venue for your upcoming party.

Find a venue where the fun is obvious

A smart way to create a lively holiday experience is by hosting the event at a playful venue. A “playful” venue is one where an activity is built into the venue. With the busy holiday season around the corner, be sure to remember to book these venues with plenty of time in advance. Playful venues to look for are:

  • Ice skating rinks
  • Curling and shuffleboard clubs
  • Bowling alleys
  • Arcades
  • Virtual reality spaces

Don’t forget food and drink

As you decide on a venue, an important consideration is whether or not this venue has food and drink. Going bowling without any refreshments or snacks is as boring as it sounds.

In fact, there’s an opportunity here to get creative with your food and drink vendor to liven up the menu. Some ideas to make your party’s menu more playful are:

  • Adding a specialty cocktail
  • Creating signage for different food with creative names
  • Making the food part of the activity section such as cookie decorating

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Bring your own fun

In addition to the activity built into this venue, you should also consider bringing in other entertainment such as a photo booth or a DJ. This makes it more engaging and inclusive for people who want to participate in something beyond the built-in activity.

Some venues have their limitations when it comes to adding on extra activities, so be sure to coordinate with your venue’s point of contact to make any necessary arrangements. Here are things to look for in a venue to add on more playful experiences:

    • DJ/AV set-up: the right music can take any party from good to great.
    • Picturesque background: whether this is a flowery wall or a gorgeous city view, people will engage with it and want to take photos
    • Extra space: Is there space at the venue where you can bring in add-ons like a casino station, a photo booth, or a silent disco station?

At the end of the day, the venue doesn’t actually make the party. The people do. If you create opportunities for them to play--whether it be through built-in activities or additional playful add-ons--you’ll be sure to have a great event that creates real personal connections and adds excitement for the next company outing.

What do you value most in a party venue? What's the best company party you've ever been to? Let us know in the comments below!

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