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5 Opportunities for 52 Connections

Posted by Samantha Roblin on Feb 9, 2022 10:31:57 AM

Last week, we shared a post about one of our most popular events, 52 Connections. 

After running hundreds of 52 Connections events, we’ve learned a thing or two about how our playful prompts can create meaningful connections for the right audience 

While “get to know you” games, like 52 Connections, are beneficial for all teams due to people’s desire to connect, there are certain audiences and times in the employee lifecycle when 52 Connections is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.  

Here are five opportunities where 52 Connections can have a meaningful impact: 

  1. First week of a new hire program:

    This is a chance for the new hires to get to know other new hires and connect on their shared experience of starting at a new company.  

  2. Quarterly for teams with new hires:

    New folks are consistently joining your team. This is a chance for those new hires to get to know their colleagues.
  3. Summer intern program:

    Summer interns are the future of your company so it's important to ensure they connect with each other and the company. Use 52 Connections to seamlessly integrate your interns into your culture.

  4. First team event after a merger or acquisition:

    Bringing two companies together after an organizational change is complicated. Hosting an activity that helps people get to know each other creates space for connection. 

  5. Ongoing as part of mentoring programs:

    Real mentorship needs to go deep. 52 Connections creates the space for a mentor and mentee to get to know each other.  

These are just a few of the most impactful opportunities to host a 52 Connections event. When you’re ready to build stronger bonds between coworkers, new and old, we’ll be here to help! 

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