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Top 5 Field Day Ideas to Improve Team Bonding

Posted by Angel Torres on Mar 5, 2020 12:36:56 PM

The perfect opportunity to engage your employees and improve company culture is when it gets warm outside. Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to relive the nostalgia of your school days, when you had one day dedicated to fun and good-natured competition.

It's time to have a field day!

Field days offer the chance to form stronger connections within the company by creating teams of people who wouldn't normally interact with each other. It also provides a loose environment to come together and build camaraderie for a common goal—whether it's a trophy or bragging rights.

At ZogCulture, we're experts on how to plan a field day. So we're here to help you get started on yours.

Here are the 5 best field day ideas to improve team bonding:


1. Active challenges


Here is where you'll find activities that will get your team's adrenaline pumping and create memorable moments in the process. Whether it's tug of war, relay races, or obstacle courses, you'll see teams rise to the occasion when the friendly competition gets rolling.


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2. Pick-up games


It's always a good idea to have an area of lawn games that anyone can participate in. From classics like cornhole to Kan Jam, these games are perfect for the people who like a little casual conversation with their competition.

3. Mind challenges & puzzles


Get those gears turning and watch your company's brilliant brains go to work. These contests are not only fun, they make your event more inclusive,  promoting teamwork and giving the individuals in your company who don't love athletics an opportunity to shine. Our favorites are Blind Pictionary and mazes!

4. Sports tournaments

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There are so many options to choose from here. Use what you know about your company to decide what sport would be the most fun for a round-robin tournament. Because they offer a great mix of social, casual, and healthy competition, we recommend volleyball, softball, and kickball. These sports are some of the most inclusive choices if you want the most number of people to participate.

5. Jumbo "table" games


Note the quotation marks. Once you super-size Jenga or Connect Four, keeping your game on a table can be a challenge. But actually, that's the fun part! With these games, you don't have to just stay seated, which can lead to less socializing and interaction. Instead, you're on your feet, moving around, plotting your next move and keeping the party going.

Have you ever had a field day with your company? Let us help you set up a custom day of play with all of your favorite activities!

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