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How Is Your Company Celebrating Employee Appreciation Week?

Posted by Jill Nawoyski on Feb 2, 2023 3:17:20 PM

Each year, Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March. The week leading up to it is the perfect time to recognize the hard work and dedication of your employees! What's the best way to show your gratitude? By bringing some fun to your workplace, of course! 

No time to plan a week's worth of fun? That's where ZogCulture comes in.

We curated some themes and event ideas that can be used throughout the week to engage your employees, boost morale, and show them just how appreciated they truly are. Whether in-person or virtual, we can tailor these events to fit your company's needs!

Idea #1: The 5 Senses

Tap into your 5 senses from February 27 to March 3 through a variety of workshops and experiences.

  • Taste: Coffee time! We'll set up an Espresso Cart with a Barista
  • Smell: Host an Aromatherapy Workshop
  • Touch: Bring in some on-site Massage Therapists
  • Sound: Listen to a Sound Bath or Live Music
  • Sight: Set up a Photobooth or Candle Making Workshop

Idea #2: Play Your Way

Everyone has a different definition of "fun." This employee appreciation week, play your way! This concept is inspired by Stuart Brown's Play Personalities. Learn more about them, here!

We've got events perfect for the:
  • Artist: Host a Paint & Sip Event
  • Collector: Send employees on an Office Hunt
  • Competitor: The stakes are on. Host an In-Office "Field Day"
  • Joker: Share some laughs with a Live Comedian or Magician
  • Explorer: Get to know others through Speed Networking
  • Storyteller: Solve the crime through a Murder Mystery Party

Idea #3: Heroes & Villains

Tap into a more light-hearted theme with Heroes & Villains.

  • Partake in Villains and Princesses Musical Bingo
  • Test your knowledge through Superhero Trivia
  • Set up a Super Smoothie Bar in your office!
  • Build kits for hospitalized children through our Community Heroes Volunteer Event 
  • Host a Murder Mystery Party

Participating in Employee Appreciation Week is an easy way to build a positive workplace culture. Investing in your employees will boost morale, increase motivation, and foster connection amongst co-workers!

Whether you want to host one Employee Appreciation Day event or a week full of surprises, email to learn more or get started.

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